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We are so excited for you to receive our April Box!


you should start by thanking yourself that you know YOU are a priority and taking of yourself is number one.. and we are happy to help you on this journey

This box is perfect for Ted Baker, Bomb Cosmetics, Elmis and Coola lovers 

if you dont know what some of those products are it is our happy opportunity to introduce it to you

below are all the details you of all the products in your months box


FLORAL BLISS Body Spray 50ml


 Description: Ted’s Floral Bliss Body Spray entwines juicy notes of green apple and delicate water lily florals with a touch of sandalwood for a delicious finish.

How to Use: Perfect for after shower to spray all over your body before getting dressed for the extra fresh feeling

Spas were used for millennia for their purported healing or healthful benefits to those wealthy enough or close enough to partake of their waters. This was called a mineral cure and gave let to such phrases as taking a cure and taking the waters. There has always been a mixture of recreational and medicinal connotations involved, from rest and relaxation, stress relief, and convalescence to more specific notions such as humorism. These phrases are still sometimes used today as a euphemism for one trying to kick a drug dependency.


In many cases, mineral spas were located in mountainous locales that gave an additional excuse to leave the drudgery of a hot house in warm weather during summer's onset and were seasonally populated by the well-to-do. They eventually became early vacation spots with the counter-Victorian work ethic 'rationale' of health as an excuse to have fun and mix with one's peers in recreation.

Subsequently, many such became the seed stock for today's modern vacation resorts. Locations such as Steamboat Springs, Vail, St Moritz, Mineral Wells first became popular for the questionable health benefits of mineral or soda-water soaks, ingestion, and clean outs during the hey-day of patent medicines and backward medical knowledge. United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt suffered a paralytic illness, and regularly visited Warm Springs and other hot springs for restorative soaks. While his cousin Theodore Roosevelt became known as a manly-man of incredible endurance, he was a sickly child suffering from asthma and 'took cures' periodically in an attempt to gain better health.

The name "spa" comes from the Belgian town Spa.